Young Living Essential Oils


Why Young Living Essential Oils?

For years, I have searched for more natural alternatives with regards what we use in our on our bodies.  My family and I have grown very attached to the use of essential oils because we know we are making smarter choices.  As a distributor I am able to enjoy a generous discount on personal purchases as well as build a successful business by sharing all that Young Living has to offer.   Their motto is from Seed To Seal....which means there is no junk added.  Only Young Living Oils are 100% Pure.   Be careful of the cheaper oils....  they are allowed to claim they are pure even if only 5% of that bottle is pure.  Young Living is PURE in the entire bottle.


How do I learn more?

Best way to learn about the use of Essential Oils is to ask ask ask!  Never expect to be able to learn everything at once.  The learning process takes years of practice and trial and error.  

I also offer essential oils classes where I teach you about the different uses.  I also inform you on how you too, can make healthier choices.



For more information with regards to dates, times and locations of classes, please message me with your interest.