Tibetan Tones Sound Meditation


What is Tibetan Tones Sound Meditation?

Sound Meditation is a technique used to reduce stress or pain in the body.  It allows you to enter a meditative state as the sounds from the bowls bring complete relaxation.  The vibrations felt throughout the body target pain areas and have been known to alleviate symptoms in clients.  


How can Tibetan Tones Sound Meditation help me?

Tibetan Tones Sound Meditation has many benefits as traditional Reiki does.  It is used to treat numerous symptoms.

Some of the symptoms include but are not limited to the following:

*  Stress

*  Anxiety

*  Depression

*  Fatigue

*  Sleeplessness

*  Physical Pain

*  Emotional Imbalances

*  Recovery from surgeries

*  Cancer Patients

*  Inabilities to focus

And so much more.....

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about how a session can help you.  As with Reiki, Sound Meditation can never harm you and you may receive as many treatments as YOU feel the need.  Some restrictions apply with regards to certain medical conditions.  Contact me with you]


Tibetan Tones Sound Meditation Sessions

All sessions are 1 hour private sessions.  

 Sessions are by appointment only.