A Portal Between Heaven and Earth with David Young 10/30/2018


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David Young:

Musician / Speaker / Author presents "A Portal Between Heaven and Earth events."

Almost 6,000 attendees at the 300+ events he presented over the past three years have shared having a conversation or spiritual travel with Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, Mother Mary, St Germain, Quan Yin, Gandhi, an Archangel or have reconnected with one of their loved ones in Heaven. 

This does not include thousands who had past life regressions or experienced the Inner White or Gold Light at his events.

Many report being met by more than one Ascended Master of different religions even though these teachers were not part of their religious upbringing. 

"All of the Ascended Masters are actually very close friends, working together regardless of what religion we were brought up with, what language we speak or what color we are.

David begins the events with an introduction to open people's minds' and then transforms the room with spiritual energy created by playing two flutes at one time accompanied by his backing tracks of angelic sounds. Afterwards, the audience has the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions.

This twice Grammy nominated, Renaissance flautist has sold more than 1,000,000 CDs. Hospitals like John Hopkins Medical Centers have entire floors that play only his music because they feel it is the most healing music on the planet.

It is said that more people have had out of body experiences listening to his music than any musician alive today. 

"People often are brought to tears at my events because the closest thing they ever heard to the angelic music they experienced in Heaven during their NDE were the sounds I created at my events."

Here is an example of what is 'possible'. 

A woman at an event in Syracuse, New York on a Friday night shared that during the meditation as David was playing his flutes, Martin Luther King showed up to her, (very much to her surprise.) He told her he had work for her to do in 2-3 days and she shared this in front of 40 people.

On the following Monday morning,  she posted on David's Facebook page that her boss called her into his office and put her in charge of the Martin Luther King fund at her company - exactly 2 1/2 days later! She had no idea there was such a thing and she worked there for ten years!"

"At another event, five people were visited by Jesus who gave each of them the same Hebrew symbol and they were able to compare with each other to all of their amazement."

These kind of things are "normal" at David's events where usually 80 % of the audience shares something as unforgettable as what you just read.


Many call his music "the most heavenly, healing music on the planet." Over 20,000 healers (reiki Masters, physical therapists) and healing centers use his music every day which reaches approximately 300,000 people daily. The effect his sound healings have had on people is unparalleled.   Exchange  $30, $35 at the door.

What Happens When We Die? Friday, 11/2/2018


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Come join Jacob Cooper, Near- Death Experiencer, LMSW, CH, RMT as he takes you on a journey to the other side and back. Come  be apart of discovering one of the most profound questions that humanity has ever posed: What happens when we die? Jacob will lead you through a gentle and uplifting journey of discovery, enlightenment, sharing, and answer questions about life on the other side. Jacob will also discuss ways to cultivate heaven-on-earth to enhance life's every moment! Doors open at 7; event begins 7:30 pm. Exchange for this event is $35 and must be paid in full for complete registration and to reserve your spot. Contact Serenity Within Wellness to arrange for payment.