Aura Readings and Coaching

Intuitive Aura Readings



What is an aura? Simply stated, an aura is an energy field.  Anything that is made up of energy has an aura. Since your body is made up of energy, it has an aura. You body vibrates at a particular frequency based on the energy levels generated within.

The seven central chakras centers contribute most to your energy production and thus your aura intensity, texture and color is directly related to the condition of your chakras.

Auras are not static, they are in a constant state of change. Your aura today may not be the same as your aura tomorrow.

Are you curious about your Aura? Do you want to know what your Aura looks like, what colors your energy emits? What about the texture and intensity? Am vibrating at a high or low frequency?

Nick offers a 40 minute Intuitive Aura Reading session where you will discover the answers to those questions.

Intuitive Aura Coaching


Do you believe you can see Auras? Do you need help understanding what it is you see and how to interpret it. Nick can help coach others and help them understand and refine their Aura reading abilities.

Intuitive Spiritual Awakening Coaching


Are you on a spiritual journey? Do you know where to start and how to follow a path that is right for you? I can help you explore where you are and where you want to be and guide you along a path that leads to a mindful, peaceful and serene spiritual awakening. We will explore the different paths you can choose to start your journey. From meditations to journey work, to grid working, exploring crystals, energy work and much more. I can help you find the path that resonates with your soul.